How to support our campaign

There are many ways to support the campaigning work of Stop Repression in Hong Kong, both inside Hong Kong and internationally. With your support we can win!

a) Sign our petition and get your friends to sign.

b) Like and share our website and facebook page on social media, invite all your friends to like and share.

c) If you are a member of a trade union or political organisation ask your organisation to pass a motion supporting the campaign. Your organisation can also add its name to the petition. If you want to do this, but need more information to support your arguments, go to our Campaign materials (add link) section where you can download our leaflet, statement, and other material. If you want more help, contact us here (add link) and give a short description of what advice or support you need and which organisation / country you are active in.

d) Other practical support from trade unions can involve writing about the Stop Repression in Hong Kong campaign in the union’s newspaper, magazine, or website. Our campaign can also provide speakers to address meetings and answer questions about the situation in Hong Kong and China, through an online video conference or even in some cases / countries through direct participation. Translation – from English – is all that needs to be organised in the host country. Trade unions can be asked to make a donation to our campaign fund.

e) If you are a student or active in a student organisation ask your organisation to pass a motion supporting the campaign. You can organise a meeting on campus about the repression in Hong Kong and China and ask us to provide a speaker (see d). You can reprint and use our leaflets and posters to spread information about our campaign – go to our Campaign materials (add link) section. You can also reprint leaflets in simplified and traditional Chinese to distribute to Chinese and Hong Kong students who study in large numbers at overseas universities. Some of these students do not know the full extent of the repression that is taking place and even those who do can appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with others.

f) Contact members of parliament and ask them to support the campaign and sign the petition.

g) Start a local campaign group to spread the campaign’s material and arrange meetings and activists. Contact us for help. E-mail

h) Organise and join in protest actions to help put pressure on the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities and draw attention to violations of basic democratic rights. Some protests are coordinated through this website and our facebook page – the more countries and participants reached, the more effective the protests can be!

i) Use the media and social media! Spread news about any of the above activities. Post and share images of meetings, protests and leafleting campaigns. Contact overseas Chinese media as well as local media when organising activities – and be sure reports to Stop Repression in Hong Kong. Email